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Autopilot doesn't exist in the food service business. Loyal customers demand that we keep doing what’s familiar and what they've come to love. Yet, we know we can’t do the same thing year after year; that evolution is critical for the lifeline of a restaurant. Walking this line takes elevated strategy and experience specific to the mid-life stage of growth. When you're "in" your business, it's often hard to see where you need to go. Our mission is to zero in on everything, either in whole or in parts, and get it on a real path to continued growth, relevance, visibility and profitability. It’s not our job to come in and take over; you've been doing something right (or a lot of something's) to get where you are, and no one knows your customers better than you do. But it's our job to identify and maximize what will resonate with your clientele, and craft strategies of differentiation from your competition. We partner with you to help make key decisions that impact your future viability.

Our process begins with observationand ends with implementation.

Reduce Labor Costs, Increase Productivity, Decrease Turnover, Identify and Maximize New Opportunities


Messaging, visual and positioning

  • Menu Re-Engineering, Development, Testing & Tastings
  • Recipe Development, Testing & Tastings
  • Business Systems, Processes and Automation
    • Food Cost Analysis & Control Management
    • Labor Cost Analysis & Control Management
    • Inventory, Purchasing, Receiving System
    • Purveyor/Vendor Audit
  • Interim BOH Management
  • BOH Operations Improvement & "Best Practices" Manuals
  • Partnerships & Strategic Alliances
  • Equipment Layout Optimization
  • Marketing Plans & Implementation
  • Menu Analysis & Engineering
  • Recipe Development & Detailed Procedure Guides
  • Wine & Beer Program Optimization
  • P&L Analysis
  • Kitchen Redesign, Layout/Floorplan Improvements
  • Food Design
  • Liaison to Public Relations Firm
  • Press Materials
  • Photo Shoots
  • Logo Design*
  • Web Site Design*
  • Creative collateral*

*WRAG retains creative talent who have created some the most memorable, award winning, and effective identity systems and advertising in the world. The result? A singular, distinctive identity, which inspires an emotional connection, drives people to begin valuable word-of-mouth viral messaging, and inspires visits to the restaurant.