services / starting a new restaurant

One of the most exhilarating moments in the life of a restaurateur is seeing your food, concept and dream, take shape. Your sign goes up, the lights come on; you can practically see your first customer as they walk through the door. Your hard work has paid off, but it has also just begun. For as much passion as the restaurant business holds, there are as many blind spots and pitfalls that take new owners by surprise. Our goal is to not only guide and advise for a successful opening but to help avoid losing time and money right now, and as the business develops. You don’t have to make your own mistakes to make your own success. Resources are best served when chefs can chef and drive the future vision, while a key, behind-the-scenes leader can drive the business side forward.

  • Concept Development
  • Kitchen Design, Floor Plans & Equipment Layouts
  • Equipment Specification, Sourcing, Procurement & Bidding
  • Business Plans & Financials
    • Writing and Editing
    • Market Research
    • Operating & Growth Assumptions
    • Pro Forma Financial Statements
    • Investor Presentations
  • Site Selection and lease negotiations
  • Construction oversight (acting as "Owner's Rep.")
    • Including: Health Department Compliance
      & Food Safety Standard
  • Proforma Budgets & Forecasting
  • Operations Planning
  • Talent Recruitment, Staffing & Interview Screenings
  • Openings/Launch Strategy & Project Management
  • Customized Marketing Plans & Brand Identity
  • Wine Program Development
    • Wine Lists Development & Strategy
    • By-the-glass Program Optimization
    • Wine Program Cost Controls
  • Strategic Partnerships & Brand Alliances
  • Menu Development
  • Recipe Development
  • Tastings & Demos
  • Vendor & Product Sourcing and Negotiations
  • Turn Key Kitchen Set-up by design
  • Develop Food Inventories
  • Develop Par Stock/Ordering Procedures & BOH Manuals
  • Contract Purchasing/Food & Beverage
  • Catering & Private Dining/Menus
  • Continued Food Quality Checks
  • Menu Engineering/Gross Contribution for Profit
  • Labor Productivity Analysis
  • All Systems to Help Chefs